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We have an interpreting service available for translation of marriage certificate or divorce papers or in Arabic to English with a minimal administration fee.

Friday 2 January 2015
Big Lottery Fund

This is a project in Bolto to run sessional activities, talks and discussions to provide support for Zaghawa and Darfur girls and women from North Sudan. It will address issues around religious and cultural traditions, relationship and family roles, nutrition, sexual health and Female Genital Mutilation. This will improve the physical and mental health of girls and women in the Zaghawa community and promote self confidence.Read More

Zaghawa Community Offices thought out UK cities and towns offers the  following for its beneficiaries:

  • Information, Advice and Guidance on issues surrounding their day- to-day lives such as bills, housing, education and social welfare
  • Filling applications form
  • Counselting (by appointment only)
  • Homework  Club helping Children with evening study on weekends
  • ESOL Classes and employment skills training in partnership with Training Centres
  • Football teams
  • Safety on the ground of Child protection

Who is the ZCA for?

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Zagahawa Community Association

Zaghawa Community Association represents Zaghawa people throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, We are a registered charity and regulated by the Charity Commission Act (1993) in United Kingdom.

Our objective is set aside into our constitution and summarized as followed: to help members of the Zaghawa and practically refugees by the means of  relieve of poverty and sickness and also by provision and assisting them into recreation and leisure-time and occupations in the interest of their social welfare and to improve their quality of life.

Providing free and confidential advice, assistance and representation, counselling, translation and interpretation services, debt welfare, benefit assistance, housing, social security, education, training and employment

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Wednesday 17 February 2010
Big Lottery Fund

A project by this Southsea based group to promote Zaghawa culture in the Birmingham and Coventry area. The project will provide open days in Coventry and Birmingham to celebrate the Zaghawa way of life. The project will also provide Zaghawa women with ski.Read More

ZCA is for all Zaghawas living in UK regardless where they from Sudan or Chad, programmes are open to all who want to join us. It works towards helping those in need both within Zaghawa community. The ZCA provides a  platform for the youth and adults to developing their individual life skills and integrate in UK.